Organic Farming – The Best way to Grow Crops

The word Organic Farming means making use of alternative methods to raise food crops.

It can be defined in various ways by intellectuals, food suppliers, environmentalists etc., and therefore the topic accepts a broader view. This may include compost, crop rotation, the application of engineered farming, pesticides and so on.

Thus it disheartens the usage of pesticides, livestock feed additives, synthetic fertilizers etc., .The method has been successful all over the world. The sales of organically grown foods have been increased rapidly over the decades. Nearly about 37,000,000 hectares of the worldwide land practices the method of organic farming and this adds to its popularity.

Benefits of organic farming

The changeover from conservative farming to the organic farming is not a difficult and time consuming process. Each and every farmer can practice it easily with no difficulty. This technique can help the farmers become conscious about a great deal of saving, as they are not supposed to invest extra money in purchasing the manufacturing fertilizers.

Making use of the compost, crop rotation, biological pest control facilitates in improving the fertility of the soil. While using pesticides and synthetic elements harms its quality.

As the organic food items are enriched in mineral content you can definitely hope for the superior nutritional value. When compared with dangerous chemicals, the food item cultivated using organic methods would be poison free and make sure of the safer quality foods.

The other benefit of organic farming is that the food tastes better, as they make use of the advanced techniques in growing the plants. The organic foods do not get mold easily as it is nurtured naturally, they would stay fresh for a longer time. Following this method would be a detailed process which would require a systematic understanding and is also essential to apply the right management approach.

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Organic Fertilizers

can be regarded as the fertilizers which are derived from vegetable or animal Matter. Organic Fertilizers also include slurry, manure, peat, humic acid, seaweed, worm castings, guano etc.

These Organic Fertilizers are considered as the far superior substitute to the synthetic chemicals. These fertilizers take place naturally and is opposed of been created in the laboratory.

The word organic has the meaning as the substance which enclose carbon, and is the essential element in each and every living thing on earth. Both the plants and the animals are comprised of carbon as a function of their component.

We do find lots many advantages of using Organic Fertilizer

The Organic fertilizers do not damage the environment. As it does not contain any toxic chemicals, it does not poison rivers, streams, wildlife etc.  As the ground stays better aerated the worms and other microorganisms would able to survive in the nontoxic environment.

We do find various sources of organic fertilizers. The most noticeable is the decomposing vegetation where the plant reprocesses itself, which helps in feeding the next year’s crop. The manures of birds and animals are also a very good nutrient rich organic increment.

It would be easy to get this manure easily as the wildlife feeds on plants and hence the cycle of life continues. Applying organic fertilizers helps in improving the soil and at the same time prevents it from crusting and compacting.


Using organic Fertilizers helps the soil to remain moist all the time. This would certainly induce a perfect means for microorganisms, and also to the earthworms to ventilate through the soil. The organic Fertilizer would release nitrogen along with the other nutrients which aids the plants to grow healthily. The highest organic Fertilizer would be deposited in the garden; the worms eat the dirt and generate worm castings.

This manure of worm is rich in carbon, humus and also comprises of other nutrients, which the plants require for its energetic growth. The worm burrow’s into the ground which helps the plants absorb the nutrients, and also facilitate the oxygen and other significant element to reach the plant root easily. The seaweed is the other substance in nature which produces a wonderful accumulation to your organic garden.

The benefits does not end here as people are becoming more aware of the environment around them, Most of the farmers are leaning towards the organic farming. They consider it as the best way to present their families with the healthy food materials.

Some of the additional benefits of Organic fertilizers are listed below. It is cheap and Cost effective. These fertilizers can be produced at home or even on the farms by making use of sheep, chicken, horse, and cow manure along with the wastes like dead plants and leaves.

The organic fertilizers can also be considered as the safer alternative since no chemicals are used in them when compared with the chemical fertilizers. Thus there is a great demand for organic fertilizers.