Veggie Chili Organic

Baby, it’s cold outside! Well, not really where I am in Louisiana, but around the globe it’s time to buckle down and break out the heavy coats. What’s a person to eat after trekking through the snow or ice to get home to their loved ones? Chili! It’s always a favorite staple, whether you’re a vegetarian, vegan or sustainable meat-lover.

Chili is a dish reminiscent of childhood, running inside after playing in the snow all day, scooping up a handful of saltines or cornbread and digging into a steamy bowl of heartiness at varying degrees of hotness depending on your spice threshold (which I imagine was not that strong when you were younger).

If you don’t really want to mess with a slow cooker, here is a “soulful” vegetarian chili recipe from a non-vegetarian!

What goes better with chili than a homemade slice of cornbread? Exactly. has a lot of different cornbread recipes, but this simple and easy recipe for “Grandma’s” cornbread makes for a perfect match to a dense bowl of chili.

Let sit so spices, salt and garlic to take flavor to the chili (I like to chomp on a fresh crushed clove of garlic when eating the chili. We usually add more cayenne – we like it hot and spicy.)

(If after you notice that there is too much broth, use a ladle and scoop some and save, for when the chili sits and gets cold – you will need to add the broth, since it will thicken. Some people like their chili very thick – then you can use the extra broth for a casserole, or as a soup.)

Serve with your choice of crackers, or croutons, (we like ours with a heafty scoop of white or brown basmati rice.

To make a smaller pot, just half the recipe – I like to make a big pot, for it is so good and nutritious.

There are plenty of people out there who prove vegan or vegetarian chili can cut it against the meat-laden kind.

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